Welcome to ‘Diary of a life for rent’. My name is Fay-Marie Digby, AKA FM Digby, and I have created this fictional blog which I will be writing in the name of Katie.


Meet Katie…

Katie is a strong, sexy, independent woman, who after moving back home for a fresh start, gets tangled in a world of dating, betrayal, infidelity, BDSM, and the dirtiest word of all, love. Katie has always preferred to keep all aspects of her life drama free, this includes work, home, friendships, and even her ‘friend’s with benefits’. However, when new complications arise, can Katie keep her life just as simple as she visioned it, or will she give in to temptations?

‘Diary of a life for rent’ follows the life of not only Katie but those closest to her. Throughout the story, Katie and her friends will have to face many issues such as dating, safe sex, new love, infidelity, heartache, and much more.

Thank you for taking the time in reading my creation. If you do enjoy reading this blog, then I highly recommend checking out the link below.