They say starting a new year is a great chance for new beginnings but what do you do when you still have last years baggage with you. Standing in the centre of the room as the clock starts counting down to midnight, I can see the couples scrambling to get to each other in time for that oh so special midnight kiss. Yet I stand here alone cheering the countdown and smiling to myself. As people rush past me I see a brief flash of pity in their eyes, which fades again almost as quickly as the expression crossed their faces once they see their partner looking for them in return. I suppose many women would feel a twinge of loneliness in this moment, no matter how grand the event that surrounds them. Not me though, I may have decided to ring the new year in as a single woman but I can assure you, lonely I am not. Embarking on any new relationships was the furthest thing from my plan for the new year. After recently letting my guard down and allowing someone in, I had been crushed. I won’t be making that mistake again, that’s for sure.
The clock struck midnight and the couples all started to hug and kiss one another, then they started to make their rounds in wishing the people around them a happy New Year. This was when I saw April. April is my amazing sister who let me move in with her when I came back to town with very little money to my name and no job to fall back on. April has been my rock. April came bounding over to my with a big smile on her face and gave me a hug as she wished me happy New year.

“Did you see him?” April had a rather cheeky smile now as she gestured to a rather good looking guy through the crowd.

“Yeah, who is he”

“Oh I don’t know, he’s a good kisser though.” April was a lot like me, only she was very open about her escapades.

“Aren’t you dating what’s his name?”

“Yeah but he couldn’t make it tonight.” I never could keep track of who April was dating and when. Not to mention the cross over’s. Don’t get me wrong, she never promises her love to anyone but she is definitely a heart breaker.

A few more hours of dancing, singing and drinking passed by and April and I had an amazing night. As we got back home and kicked our shoes off. We both collapsed on the sofa in a fit of giggles as we gossiped about the guy she was dancing with all night. April asked me if I was ok. As much as I like to think we tell each other everything, there are a few things I still like to keep to myself. So when April asked why I never tried to hook up with anyone at the party, she couldn’t understand why when I told her I just wasn’t interested. I wasn’t interested in meeting anyone tonight because I can sleep comfortably knowing that in around 18 hours I will be getting paid a visit from my ‘F.I.L.T.H’ (friend I like to hump). It was a friendship I had made with a guy called Vincent not overly long ago. We meet up a couple of times a week for a little bit of fun and nothing more. I don’t introduce him to my friends or family and he extends the same courtesy to me. In fact, I even put a few very strict rules in place to ensure that neither of us get’s hurt and it doesn’t turn into anything more serious. With the pleasant thought of seeing Vincent tomorrow, I said goodnight to April and made my way to bed. Tomorrow night is looking like it will be a great way to start the New Year, no fuss, no drama, and no commitment.

Happy New Year indeed…

Katie Xxx