Waking up to find Vincent sleeping peacefully next to me, I couldn’t help but think about all the fun we have had this week. This had been our second meeting already. I must admit that I have almost been tempted to break one of my rules. Rule number eight, never see the same guy more than twice in one week. Don’t get me wrong, a small part of me knows that he would have been worth it but I break my rules for no one. After all, it’s my rules that protect me in the long run. Vincent looks absolutely gorgeous. With his dirty blonde, shoulder length locks, his silky smooth skin and perfectly sculptured muscles. I am trembling with pleasure at the mere thought of him running his hands all over my naked body, again. I find myself feeling very tempted. Maybe I should wake him up for round 3, a little quickie before I enforce rule number four, no overnight stays. He knows the rules but I couldn’t help letting him have a little rest after the workout we just had. Checking the time, I know that April will be home by now, I am hoping that she is already sound asleep so that I can sneak Vincent out without her finding out that he was ever here. Putting my dressing gown on, I go to the kitchen to fetch us a glass of water and make sure I didn’t leave any evidence behind. Climbing back into bed, Vincent wakes up.

“What’s the time?” He asks as I hand him the drink.

“Around 4 am.”

“Ah ok. I should really get going then. Don’t wanna break your rules now, do we?” I could tell that he was trying to be funny with me but I just laughed it off and considered kicking him out of the bed. Since the beginning of our arrangement, he has always tried getting me to break the rules for him but I won’t have it. The rules are also there to protect him, not just me. As Vincent stood up to get dressed, I was now faced with a decision, of course I did want him to leave but there was a part of me that also wanted a little more fun and I don’t know when I will get a chance to see him again for a while. Having given in to my urges, I pull him back into the bed with me. I’ll send him on his way a little while.

Katie Xxx