It has been a week since I have seen Vincent, I simply haven’t had the time. The only problem is that I am now completely frustrated. On the bright side, I have had a very productive week with job hunting. I have several interviews set up for next week, one of which looks really promising. I have also spent a lot of my time this week catching up with Parker.

Having decided to have a night in for a change, both April and I thought it would be a great idea, what with the both of us not working and cash being a little tight right now. Even with our indulgences, it would still cost far less than we usually pay for a night out anyway. I asked April to start prepping our movies for the night, while I started melting chocolate. It was already around 7 pm by this point, so we decided to order some Chinese and I went to make the rest of the food and drink while April decided on the movie and got the living room ready.

“Something smells good” she said as I walked into the living room with the food. April grabbed us a bottle of wine and started to pour a couple of glasses for us while I laid the food out on the coffee table.

“So come on then, what movies have you got planned?” I asked already pretty sure of the answer.

“Right, so first we are watching Burlesque, have you seen it before?”

Playing it down I simply said yes but inside I was jumping up and down like a school girl.

“What junk food are we having with the film?” April said whilst peeking over at the mass amount of food I had brought in.

This was my area of expertise, I am a foodie and tend to be rather creative.

On the centre of the table was a buffet of Chinese food, a big bowl of melted milk chocolate, surrounded by bowls of crisps, popcorn, marshmallows, strawberries, and even little bars chocolate, which of course was all to be dipped into the melted chocolate. On the side of this were two homemade hot chocolates which were made with full fat milk, whipped cream on top, and had various toppings, including chocolate dusting, chocolate shavings, rainbow sprinkles, and course, a chocolate flake. I know what you are thinking, oh wow, sugar over load, well it was and we loved it. We got stuck into the food and started to watch the movie. It was no surprise at all when the film was as good as always.

I finally got back into bed at around 3.30 am and this time I could feel myself falling asleep right away. With happy thoughts on my mind, I decide that I will give Vincent a call tomorrow and see if he fancies another visit.

Katie Xxx