Stood up by Vincent tonight, I am not impressed. As I lie in my bed I can’t help but think about how mad I am at him, yet the thought of his touch still drives me crazy. Reaching under the blanket I decide that my frustration has gone on too long and it is time to take matters into my own hands.

Slowly I begin to touch myself, rubbing in just the right spot until I can feel my climax building. My imagination is running wild, I picture Vincent’s deep blue eyes looking up at me as he would kiss my body, going lower and lower until his tongue would start to caress my clitoris. I’m getting closer and closer with every second. I can feel it building inside me and so badly I want, no I need to explode. Just then, right as I am about to climax the unthinkable happens… my phone rings. I am completely distracted and I lose all focus on the task at hand. No orgasm again for me tonight. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

Katie Xxx