As I sit preparing myself for my third interview of the day, I don’t know why but I am feeling a little nervous. I’m usually a really confident person but in all fairness, whether I like to admit it or not, the pressure is on. My previous two interviews today were absolute disasters. Not only did I mess them up on my end but I thought the jobs looked like horrible places to work, the staff looked so miserable. I decided to grab myself a quick bite to eat before heading to the next interview and found this little coffee shop just around the corner from the office. I figured that the last thing I needed was my stomach rumbling mid way through being questioned. While in the coffee shop, I thought it would be best to use this time to read up on the information I had researched about the company. From what I could find, the estate agents has been in business for around 10 years and is owned by a married couple. I could already tell from what I was reading that this was the job I wanted to get the most. It was the best prospect I had found, even if it does end up being a temporary position, I knew it would be worth the time. Whilst drinking my coffee, I spotted Parker at the counter, I’m guessing he needed a caffeine fix even more than I did as I overheard him ordering a double shot of espresso in his coffee. Gesturing for him to come join me, he added a couple of chocolate muffins to his order and came over.

“Here you go.” He said as he slid one of the chocolate chip muffins over to me.

“Thanks. Funny running into you. I didn’t think you were a fan of coffee.” For all the years I have known Parker, this is actually the first time I have ever seen him drink a coffee. To be fair, usually when we meet up, it is the evening and we would either be drinking beer or wine.

“Oh I’m not really. I’ve just got a really long shift tonight. So what you up to? How come you’re in town?” Taking the lid off of his coffee, Parker started pouring three sachets of sugar into his cup.

I went on to tell Parker all about my disaster interviews and how I am really hoping the next one goes better. As usual, Parker was really supportive, he even offered to role play doing the interview with him. Of course I mocked him and couldn’t take it seriously. We ended up chatting for just under an hour and when I finally checked the time I realised that if I didn’t get my ass into gear, then I would risk being late for the interview and that was the last thing I needed. I doubt it would make a great impression if I were to keep them waiting. Jumping from my seat in a hurry, I shoved my research into my bag and started putting my coat on. Giving Parker a kiss on the cheek, he wished me good luck and we arranged to meet up for a dinner soon. Rushing to my interview, I stopped for a moment outside the office to get catch my breath. Clearing my mind, I made sure I was completely ready before walking through the door. Here goes nothing…

Katie Xxx