As I waited in anticipation for my interviewer to finish reading over my C.V. I couldn’t help but be nosy and take a look around. It was a small fairly modern office on the main high street in town. I noticed there were four desks in the reception area as I walked through, which lead to a private office with two further desks. The private office was minimalist but still cosy somehow. Judging from my interviewer’s immaculately pressed suit and fine attention to the details in her appearance I am guessing that she had a lot to do with the design of the office. The woman sitting before me appears to be her late 30’s, maybe early 40’s, she has beautiful medium length brown hair and brown eyes. As she looked up at me and smiled I could tell that she is a warm and kind person, the kind of woman who could light up a room with merely a smile. I instantly felt more comfortable and hopeful about the job.

“So, Katie. First I want to thank you for coming in. My name is Carol, I am the owner here, well, one of.” Carol paused for a brief moment to pick my C.V back up off the desk. “I hope you don’t mind but I do have a few questions. So, tell me, Katie, why is it that you wish to work an administration position for an independent estate agents? I can see here that you have a fair amount of experience for someone your age.” Carol was clearly curious as to what my answer would be. I had been asked this question many times before during an interview. I found many employers were always hesitant to hire someone with more experience than needed. After all, the odds are high I could leave if I got bored doing the job or if I were to be offered a better job elsewhere. I always found an honest answer worked best in this instance. “If I am completely honest, I have recently moved back into to town, things are a little up in the air, I don’t really know what I would like to do long term. I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed the last time I worked within an estate agents office, so it made sense to apply to do that again.”Maybe it wasn’t the best answer to give but I just went with honesty. I think Carol seemed to appreciate that.

The rest of the interview passed by very well. Carol asked me a lot of questions and told me a lot about the company. Carol explained that the business is owned by herself and her husband David. They have been running the business for just over 10 years and they currently have two other full-time members of staff and one part-time. If I were to get the job then I would start working on a part-time basis and see how things go. It was all basic stuff really, nothing I hadn’t done before.

At the end of the interview, Carol gave me a warm smile as she shook my hand and said she would be in touch soon to let me know. Oh god, I do hope I get this job. Of the three interviews I had today, this is the only one I even remotely liked.

Katie Xxx