Sitting waiting for the train home, I had plenty of time to reflect on the interview. It seemed to go well and I think Carol liked me. Of course I get that she is unlikely to hire purely on the basis of liking a candidate but considering my previous experience I should have at least a decent shot of getting it. Oh god, I do hope I get the job. I have been job hunting for 6 weeks now, this is getting ridiculous. The job market had gone quiet and I had missed a good window of opportunity. I knew this was my own fault, I only had myself to blame. When I first got back into town and had started job hunting, I turned down lots of jobs. Not only the jobs that I had found myself but also the ones that my friends had recommended to me. I kept thinking that I was either too good for them or that something better would come along. Not that it would have really mattered, I also turned down a few great jobs. I just wanted to wanted to settle in and get my head around moving back home. Although I was applying for work, I wasn’t really ready to take that step. I figured I would be better off waiting and finding a job that would truly make me happy. I knew that this was not going to be easy, none of my previous jobs had ever made me happy before, so why would I think things could be different this time. I would probably be better off just taking any old job while I figure out what it is I want to do. That’s why I set up all those crappy interviews for today, I guess I just got lucky when I found the job in the estate agents. It’s not bad work, the job is easy enough and the wages are decent. All round, I can’t complain. Trying to distract myself, I sent April a text to let her know that I was on my way home. I must forget about the job interview for now, what will be will be.

Oh, I do wish this train would hurry up. All I want to do tonight is order a Chinese, drink a bottle of wine, and chill with a movie. I may even have myself a nice hot bubble bath, really relax. That sounds like a pretty good night to me. As the train pulled up to the platform, I took my book out of bag and got ready to board. I know it’s only a few stops to my station but I don’t care. I can always read a little more when I get home.

Katie Xxx