Well isn’t that just great, the rain has come. Looks like I will need to jump a taxi from the train station. As I make my dash to the taxi rank, my only brief moment of shelter from the storm was the little bridge I needed to run under. Of course, it was absolutely flooded below, which made me wish I was wearing more sensible shoes. Why did I have to pass up wearing my boots today? Hopping into the taxi, my feet are soaking wet, even more now than before I am looking forward to a hot bath and a quiet night in front of the TV.

Pulling up to April’s apartment I could already hear the music. I was praying that I was wrong and that maybe it was a neighbour who was having a party. Of course, I was right. Opening the front door I was greeted by loud music and a sea of faces, only half of whom I recognised. April was singing at the top of her lungs in the kitchen, only taking breaks to drink a shot. As soon as April saw me she came bounding over to say hi. “What’s all this?” I ask while grabbing myself a shot glass. I really needed a drink after the day I have had. “It’s for you.” April beamed a great smile at me and gave me a big hug. “What are you talking about? It’s not my birthday.” April burst out laughing and pulled one of her friends over to us. “Katie, meet my friend Amelia, she is like my best friend, she has just got back from travelling. Amelia, this is Katie, my sister I told you about. Katie got herself a job today, so we are celebrating.” April seemed so proud of me, I almost didn’t want to correct her and say that I didn’t actually know if I had got the job yet. When I finally did tell her, she just laughed and said that she is confident that I have got it and not to worry. I poured myself another drink and joined in with the party.

I spent a fair amount of time talking to Amelia, she seemed really interesting. Amelia is a little younger than me, she is 21 and she is a trainee tattoo artist. I couldn’t help but notice that she was absolutely stunning. Amelia had long dark black hair, which she wore straight, and had brown eyes. Her fashion sense and makeup were absolutely flawless, her dark black eyeliner complemented her look very well and her deep shade of red lipstick would have made any woman envious. Amelia actually looks a lot like April, in fact, they look more like sisters than April and I. The only real difference between them is Amelia’s tattoos. I have a few tattoos myself, nothing like Amelia, her tattoos completely cover her arms and one side of her ribs. Looking at her tattoos is really making me want to get more, note to self, must start working on my next design.

Katie Xxx