I woke up this morning with the worst hangover. I’m only 23, I didn’t think I was supposed to get hangovers yet. Meanwhile, April is bouncing around the apartment singing away and playing her music far too loud for this time of the day, well, at least in my opinion. I finally pluck up the strength to get out of bed and wearily make my way to the kitchen. Heading straight for the fridge the first thing I spot when I open the door is a bottle of water. Ah, water! Why do I never remember to drink enough of it before going to bed? I have been told so many times that the key to not having a hangover is good hydration, yet I continue to ignore or forget this tip when I need it the most.

“Good morning Katie” April was definitely far too perky but I couldn’t complain too much, I could see that she was cooking pancakes and bacon.

“Would you like some, I made more than enough, just in case”. The smell of the bacon and pancakes was too good to resist, there was no way I could turn down an offer like that.

“Oh my god, yes please!” Falling onto the chair at the dining room table, I let my head drop into my hands.

“So, Katie, what are you up to today?” The truth was, I had no idea, I was thinking of giving Vincent a call to see what he is up to tonight. Of course, I wouldn’t tell April that. Even though April and I are very close, when it came to Vincent, my lips were sealed. After all, I knew that the minute April were to find out about him, then she would want all the details. Whenever we talk about the men in our lives, I am happy to chat about my dates but my F.I.L.T.H’s, they were off limits. I find that is the best way to keep them at a distance. The last thing I need is to complicate my life by allowing a bit of fun to get serious. April brought over a huge stack of pancakes and a pile of bacon over to the table, it both looked and smelled amazing. That first bite was out of this world.

“Have we got any syrup?”

“Yeah, there should be some in the cupboard.” Looking up I gave April my best wounded puppy dog eyes.

“I’ll get it for you.” She said while giggling at me. “Is your hangover really that bad?”

“You have no idea. I still don’t get how you are so fine this morning.” Pouring the golden thick sugary syrup over my pancakes and bacon made it smell oh so sweet.

“Not a clue, I never get them.” She said while clearly gloating. Digging into my stack of pancakes was even better than before. I knew it was exactly what I needed to feel better. After my breakfast I drank a pint of water and was feeling more refreshed. I decided that the best course of action was to get up, have a nice shower and get dressed. Feeling human again, I was almost ready to start the day.

Katie Xxx