Staring at the TV guide blankly, I have no idea what to watch. So many channels yet very little options I would give the time of day to. I had already watched a couple of movies and I had even read a little more of my book. I was officially bored. Checking the time on my phone I saw that it is almost 11:45 pm. It’s not that late, I guess. It’s still going to be a fair few hours before April get’s home. While sitting on the sofa still flicking through the TV guide and considering whether or not I should I should go to bed and give up waiting or put a movie on, my phone beeps. It’s Vincent, finally. I don’t really know why but I still get a little flutter of excitement run through me whenever he messages me to say he is on his way. Don’t get me wrong, I do realise that if this were a romance novel then it would probably be because the leading lady has feelings for the guy in question. However, this is real life and this is me we are talking about. Knowing me, it’s probably just excitement over the orgasm that I now know is coming my way.

“Hey, sorry I’m running a little late. I’m on my way to you now, is the coast clear? lol.”

I messaged him back letting him know that all is fine. April is out again on another night on the town I assume. I really don’t know how she does it. I would have considered going with her but I had already thought ahead. I knew that by her going out, then I would have the place to myself and therefore could invite Vincent over for our own night of fun. Knowing that Vincent wouldn’t be too far away, I got myself ready and changed into something a little less comfortable. I didn’t want to seem too keen, so I changed into one of my favourite pairs of jeans that makes my ass look amazing and a cute little top to go with. I wasn’t a fool, I knew the clothes wouldn’t be staying on me too long after he arrives anyway but there was no harm in looking good for when he gets here. All checks in the mirror done and I am ready. Heading into the kitchen, I poured myself a glass of wine for while I wait for Vincent to arrive. I was already on my second glass when the door bell rang. Hopping up from the table, I left my wine on the side and made my way to the front door. Looks like tonight has finally taken an interesting turn and I won’t be needing that movie after all.

Katie Xxx