No words were spoken. The front door had barely closed before Vincent and I began tearing at each other’s clothes. Luckily we have the place to ourselves. Vincent pinned me against the entrance wall and began to kiss my neck as he reached under my top for my breasts. I could already feel my body quivering with pleasure as he began to caress my nipples. His lips are so soft, with every kiss on my neck my breath quickens. Oh wow, this really was worth waiting for. It isn’t long before both my top and his shirt are on the floor. Vincent turns me to face the wall, lifts both of my arms up, and puts the palms of my hands flat to the surface. Without any hesitation, he then begins to pull my jeans and underwear down, followed by his own, before tossing them to one side. We are now both completely naked. His body is pressed against mine, he places his left hand on the wall to support himself as he uses his right hand to reach down and begin the play with my clitoris. I can feel my climax beginning to build up and so can Vincent. He immediately stops what he is doing, reaches for himself and enters me. He begins to let out a gentle groan as he begins thrusting. “Harder” I demand. He immediately obeys, kisses me on the back of my neck and once again reaches for my clitoris. After what feels like an eternity of pleasure, Vincent turns me around to face him, lifts me up to wrap my legs around him and inserts himself back inside me.
He then carries me to my bedroom and lies me down on the bed with him on top of me. Right now, I am in heaven, I run my hands up his body and through his dirty blonde hair. The combination of Vincent on top, me running my hands all over him, and the intensity of his deep blue eyes, the pleasure I am feeling is instantly intensified. I can feel my muscles tightening. I am getting really close now. We are both sweating, things are getting really hot and I can tell by his groans that he is also getting close. With that, he pulls me in closer and kisses me as I wrap my legs around him even tighter. Just when I think things couldn’t possibly feel any better, we both climax. It is the most intense orgasm of my life, I feel like I am in a state of ecstasy.
Vincent collapses next to me on the bed. “Hi”, he whispers to me looking pleased with himself. “That was a pleasant welcome”. I suddenly realised that these were the first words he had said to me since arriving. I simply smiled and kissed him. “I’m going to grab our clothes from the hallway,” I said while trying to compose myself. As I attempted to stand, Vincent gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto the bed. “Oh come on, that can wait. Stay here with me for a bit”. He knew the rules but he got lucky, I was exhausted. So I didn’t argue with him and instead grabbed the blanket from the end of the bed and pulled it over the both of us.
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