Waking up to an empty bed but still having very fond memories from the night before is absolute bliss. I know that may seem strange but I get the best of both worlds, all the fun by night, then the next day I am free and single, ready to do anything I want. There really is nothing I like better. I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed as I hop out of bed and head for the kitchen. April is still nowhere to be seen, so I make myself some breakfast. Whilst scrolling through the messages on my iPad, I see that I have a few missed calls and a message from my best friend, Parker. I didn’t really need to check the message, I knew what it was going to say. Today is the 14th, that means it is time for our monthly night out. Parker and I have a little tradition going, it all started many years ago when we first met. I was dating a really boring guy who never liked leaving the house, unless for work. After a couple months of dating it was Valentine’s day and of course, he just wanted to stay home. I hadn’t known Parker long at this point, I had just started working for the same company as him, in fact, that was how we met. The day before Valentine’s day, Parker and I were discussing how neither of us had anything planned, so we decided to do something together. We ended up grabbing a bite to eat and watching a movie at the cinema. It was our first night out together and since then we have always joked that it is our friendship anniversary. Over the years I have moved around a lot, so keeping in touch hasn’t always been easy. So when we came up with the idea of a monthly night out, the 14th seemed like the perfect date to choose. Tonight we will more than likely do our usual, dinner and a movie but if it isn’t too cold then we may follow that up with a walk along the seafront. Checking my message I see that he has booked us a table at one of the steakhouses in town at 8:30 pm, which means I have plenty of time to nip out and buy myself a new dress.

Walking around the little boutique I am about to give up all hope of finding a dress when April comes bursting through the door. “Sorry I am late, traffic was mental. Have you picked a dress yet?”. As far as April is aware, my meals out with Parker are the closest thing to contact I have had with a man in a long time. It’s times like this I wish I could just tell her about Vincent, maybe if I did then she would stop trying to fix me up with every guy she meets. I was actually hoping that she of all people would understand that I am not interested in complicating my life with dating, after all, her drama with men is enough to put anyone off of relationships altogether. “No, I haven’t found a dress yet, I reckon I will need your expert eye.” Before I even had a chance to keep looking, April came bounding up to me whilst holding a beautiful little black dress. “You should wear this! I am sure Parker is going to love it.” April knew that Parker and I were just friends but she always did like to tease me. “April, you know I am buying this dress for me, Parker is my best friend, not my boyfriend. I just think it’s nice to get dressed up when we go out, that’s all.” April nudged me in the ribs and began laughing, “Yeah, yeah. If you say so.”

The next few hours seemed to fly by. April and I spent far too much money on pretty things that we definitely couldn’t afford, followed by a light lunch. With my outfit for the night complete, all I need to do now is go home and get ready.

Katie Xxx