“Well don’t you look lovely”. Parker was ever the gentleman. “Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself.” The truth was he looked great. Parker was wearing a smart black shirt, black trousers and black shoes. It was a very good look on him, rather different from his more casual day to day look. Sitting at the bar, Parker and I grabbed a quick drink while we waited for our table. We covered our usual topics, family, work, and the romantic interests in our lives. Although I haven’t told April about Vincent yet, Parker knows everything. That’s one of the great things about having a male best friend, sometimes they can give that extra perspective you need that a female friend simply can not give. We were just starting to get deep into the conversation when the hostess came over to inform us that our table was ready.

“It all looks so good, do you know what you’re having?”. I look up from my menu at Parker in surprise, “As if you don’t know what I am going to order.” Parker should know me better than that by now. I pretty much always order the same thing, I don’t know why I bother looking really, it is very rare that they ever get changed. “Excuse me,” Parker called over one of the waitresses. “Can I please have a dessert menu for my friend.” The waitress looked rather confused by Parker’s request. “Oh I’m sorry, did you say you want the dessert menu? I thought you had just sat down, will you not be ordering from the main menu?”. “Yes we will, thank you, it’s just that my friend likes to have her dessert first.” The waitress smiled and nodded before walking away with a baffled expression. “Thank you, Parker, for a second then I thought maybe you had forgotten who you were having dinner with.” I couldn’t help but smile, although that was partly because of the extremely chocolatey dessert that would soon be coming my way. I have never truly pinned down the reason why I eat my dessert first, maybe it is because so often as a child I would go to a restaurant, eye up the dessert menu thinking how wonderful they all looked but by the time I had eaten my meal, I was never hungry enough for what I would consider being the best part. At least this way, I could always secure getting to eat my favourite part of the meal. I ordered the double chocolate fudge cake for my starter, whereas Parker ordered the chicken goujons. This was followed by us both ordering a fillet steak. Of course, I had mine as rare as they would allow me to order it, while Parker had his medium. Parker is not as big of a fan of the really rare meat like I am. I used to order mine medium many years ago and as time went on, I would order it rarer every time until one day when I had the most delicious steak. I have never ordered my steak any other way since. Tonight has been really lovely, I always enjoy my evenings out with Parker, I just sometimes wish that we could do it a little more often than once a month.

After our meal, we took a short walk to the cinema and had a look at what was on. When I pulled my phone out of my bag to check the time, I saw that I had three missed calls and a voicemail, all from the same number. Crap, the first one was this afternoon, how could I not have seen that. It must have been while I was out shopping with April. The most recent call was only 15 minutes ago. I didn’t recognise the number but I decided to call it back immediately. “Hello, this is Katie, I am really sorry, I have just seen that I have a few missed calls from this number.” As soon as I heard the voice on the other end of the line I recognised it right away. “Hey Katie, it’s Carol. Sorry to call you so late, I did try earlier but had no luck. The reason I called is because I have had a chat with David and we would like to offer you position working for us. Are you still interested?”. “Absolutely, yes please.” I couldn’t believe it, I was actually really excited. “When would you like me to start?”. “Tomorrow at 9 am if that’s ok? I know it is really short notice but we are a little short-handed while David is away. Plus I may have to go away myself next week and I would like to make sure you are settled in before I leave.” Well, of course, I was going to say yes. There was no way I would pass this job up. “That’s no problem, Carol. Tomorrow is just fine.” Finally, a little luck had come my way. “Wonderful, in that case, I will see you in the morning, Katie. I hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. Bye.”

“Congratulations Katie, so I am guessing you got the job. When do you start?”. “Thanks, I start first thing in the morning.” I think we should celebrate personally. It’s kind of a shame that April isn’t here with us, we could have all gone for a drink. “What do you think, one drink to celebrate, then I’ll be sensible and head home for an early night?”. “Yeah, why not.” Parker and I started heading for one of the local bars. I am sure there should be somewhere decent around here to grab a drink. So there, you have it, I got the job, what a relief. I can finally relax.

Katie Xxx