“Katie!! What are you doing? It’s 6:30 in the bloody morning! Are you trying to wake the whole street?” I couldn’t help it, I had overslept due to getting in rather late last night and had completely forgotten that I had nothing to wear this morning. “I’m in a panic, April. I am a little hungover and I have nothing to wear, I can’t go in looking a mess on my first day.” Despite pulling all of my clothes out of my wardrobe and throwing them onto the bed, I still couldn’t find anything. “Right, Katie, calm the fuck down. I’m sure I have something you can borrow. Why don’t you go get in the shower, while I make you a coffee and find something for you to wear.” I always knew that I could count on April when it came to times like this. I am pretty sure her bedroom is more of a walk in wardrobe that just happens to have a bed in it, rather than a regular bedroom. “Thanks, sweetie. I think I am going to need my coffee extra strong this morning.” With that, I grab my lucky underwear set and head for the bathroom.

My god, the shower feels great. I am already beginning to feel much more refreshed and ready to start the day. Waiting for me when I get back to my bedroom is a nice hot coffee and a few different outfit choices laid out on my bed. After straightening my hair and applying my makeup, it is time to get dressed. I decide to go with the cream blouse, black pencil skirt, and black fitted jacket. I must say that I am feeling pretty good about myself as I am looking in the full-length mirror. All I need now is a little pair of heels a cute bag, not too cute, after all, I am trying to look professional. Finishing my coffee and checking my lipstick isn’t smudged, I head for the door. “I’m off now, April, what do you think?” April was in the kitchen making herself another cup of coffee. “You look great. Are you going to catch the train? Are you sure you don’t want a lift?” I knew April needed to go that way soon but I figured I should probably get used to getting the train. “Nah it’s ok, I’ll see you later. Movie and a take away tonight?” I knew there would be a good chance of me not having the energy to go out tonight, not after the first day at work and especially not after last night. “Sounds good, I’ll grab a couple bottles of wine.”

Walking to the train station, I was beginning to think that maybe I should have taken April up on her offer of a lift to work. That was until I got on the train. Sitting in the next row of seats was an absolutely gorgeous guy. Normally I wasn’t into the whole guy in a suit look but this guy really made it work. Looking down to read his paper I had to do everything in my power not to stare. His gaze was intense, it made me wonder what he could be reading. This man looks like sex on legs. He has dark hair, brown eyes, and every now and again when he looks over and gives me a smile, I get a feeling like I just want to jump on top of him. This actually excited me a little. I know have Vincent but he and I are just friends if that. Now this guy, maybe he might like to be my friend also. We had just reached the stop before mine and Just as I was considering saying hello, he stood up. Feeling disappointed with the missed opportunity, I couldn’t help but wonder if he takes this train on a regular basis. He looks like he is heading for work, maybe I will get to see him again.

Katie Xxx