“Goodmorning, Harrison Estates, how may I help you?” Sitting in the reception area waiting for Carol had my nerves building. Why am I so nervous, after all, it’s not like this was my first job. All members of staff were working today, well, except for David, he is still away, I am assuming on a business trip, all I know is that he won’t be back until the end of the week. As I sat observing my new work environment, I had just started to feel a little more comfortable, when Carol came out of her office to greet me. “Good morning, Katie, how are you today?” Carol seemed in a very chipper mood. “Fantastic” I lied, “How are you?” The truth was, although feeling much better than I did this morning, I do still feel a little hung over, I’m sure I will be fine after another cup of coffee. “I’m doing very well thank you, if you would like to follow me into the office, we can have a little chat.” Carol and I spent most of the morning talking about the various admin duties that I would be doing, it all seemed very straight forward. It was mostly diary management, answering the phone, taking messages, and keeping the property details up to date. Obviously, there was a lot more to it, nothing difficult really. After a long chat, Carol showed me around the office, where I will sit, where the coffee machine is, you know the important parts. As we were walking around the office, Carol explained that for the time being, I will be sharing a desk with the other part-time member of staff, as we work opposite days, however, they will be adding another desk for when I join the team full time.

Carol then briefly introduced me to each member of staff and asked me to shadow the full-time sales negotiator, Amy, before announcing that she would be out of the office for the rest of the day. “Katie, I’ll see you in the morning, if you could come at the same time again, that would be great. It is John’s day off tomorrow so you will be working from your desk. Until then, if you could spend today with Amy, the system is the most important thing I want her to show you. I need you to learn how to add new clients, books appointments, and manage property listings.” This was all stuff I had done before, so I was feeling rather confident that learning it would take no time at all. “That’s no problem, Carol. I’m sure it will be fine. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.” Carol turned to leave and I was left in Amy’s capable hands.

It wasn’t long before Amy and I were deep in conversation, she seems really nice. Amy is 28, she is married, and has 2 young children. Amy has been working for Harrison Estates pretty much since the beginning, she did her work experience here while at school, then came back and got a full-time job right out from leaving college. It has been a really nice afternoon chatting to Amy, I have learned a lot about the job, a lot about the team, and I am ready to get stuck in tomorrow. The only person left for me to meet now is David.

Katie Xxx