It’s been a few days since I have seen Vincent. I really don’t know how I’m going to handle this. I am not the kind of girl who can just open up and talk about her feelings. That is why I have been single for so long. I tried to explain this to the girls, I explained that I don’t want a relationship with him or anyone else for that matter but they were not buying it. April thinks I am a closet romantic. I told her to wash her mouth out with Sambuca but she still insisted she were right. At least work hasn’t been complicated, that’s one good thing. Carol leaves for her trip tomorrow so today will be my last chance to spend any time with her before I find out if I have passed this part time trial thing I am on. I think she has been happy with my performance so far but it’s hard to tell.

Looking out of the window of yet another boring train ride, I can’t help but wonder why I haven’t seen that gorgeous guy again since my first day. I wonder where he was going, surely if it were work then I would have seen him again by now. There is no use thinking about that now. I must concentrate on impressing Carol and keeping this job.

Katie Xxx