My god, he is gorgeous. Leaning back slightly in my chair so I can see him, I’m really hoping I don’t get caught staring. Then just when I thought my day couldn’t get any more awkward, he looks over at me. In a panic, I quickly turn back around and look straight at my computer. In the corner of my eye, I can see is now standing. Oh crap, he is coming over this way.

“Katie, when you have a second, can you please come into the office?”
Oh crap, this can’t be good. “Sure thing, David, I’ll be right in.” As I stand up I can feel butterflies in my stomach, now I am really nervous. Walking into the office I am faced with Carol and David both sitting at their desks.

“Please, take a seat, Katie.” Carol is smiling at me as she gestures to the chair in front of her desk.

“Is everything ok?” I ask with about as much confidence I can muster up.

“Oh yes, everything’s fine. I just wanted to bring you in for a little chat.” An instant wave of relief washes over me, however, I am still a little confused. “David and I have been speaking about your position here. Now, I know you haven’t spent any time with David yet but I have been watching your performance this week. David trusts my judgement and we have agreed that we would like to offer you the full-time position here. Is this something you would be interested in?”

For a brief moment, I complete forget that I even saw David on the train that day and I am over the moon to have passed my probationary period. “Yes, I would love to, thank you very much.”

“Perfect. Well, as you know, I leave for my trip tomorrow. I am going to be gone for 9 days so I will be back Monday week. Until then if you need anything or have any problems, you will need to report to David. Once I am back, we will set you up with a new desk and a new computer, until then you can keep using the one you are on now but when John is here, you will need to use my desk.

Suddenly it dawned on me, I would be working close to David. Jesus that feels weird now that I know his name. Personally, I think he looks more like a Danny or a Damon, that’s just my opinion, though. After leaving the office I decide to go get myself another coffee. My hands are trembling as I take the pod out of the box. I can’t believe the thought of working close to David has made me nervous.

Just as I start to daydream again, I am completely startled as David leans in front of me to reach for the box of coffee pods. “I can never seem to find the latte ones,” he said while moving the cappuccino box to one side.

Reaching into the box at the back, I pull out one of the latte pods and hand it to him. “Here you go, they’re are just at the back, that’s all. As I hand him the pod the tips of his fingers ever so slightly brush across mine and I swear my heart felt like it stopped for a moment. David simply stood there, as gorgeous as ever, completely unphased by his fingertips having just caressed my hand. He just thanked me and began to make his coffee. When his coffee was ready, he picked it up, headed to the door of the staff room, stopped and gave me a little smile before heading to his office. There was something different about his smile this time. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but he was definitely thinking something.

Katie Xxx