With a sigh of relief, I feel completely relaxed. This is bliss, right now. There is nothing I love more than a glass of wine and a hot bubble bath after a long days work. Sliding down further into the tub I start to think about today’s events. A shiver runs over my body as a flash of David’s face come to my mind. I can’t believe he has walked into my life this way. It is torture now that I know he is married and I can not have him. I try my hardest not to think about him but every time I close my eyes, he is there. I can just see him now, with his tousled brown curls and his dark brown eyes. He really is handsome, in a strong way. He has a strong almost chiseled jaw and his smile, wow. Maybe it is just for work but he also has the whole clean-shaven look going for him, it looks really great but I bet he would look even sexier if he were to let is grow a little, you know, the more rugged look. The more I picture him in his suit, the more I start to wonder what he looks like underneath it. My breathing is starting to quicken as my heart begins to race. What I wouldn’t give to have him here in this bubble bath with me right now. As I begin to imagine this, I can’t help but slip my hand under the bubbles and begin to play with myself. I bet he has an amazing body hidden under that suit. The more my mind wanders, the more I touch myself. The warm water feels incredible, making my clitoris more sensitive than ever and I can feel my climax building. Thinking about the moment in the staff room with the staff room when his fingers tips caressed my hand is more than I can take. Imagining his hands running all over my body brings me so much pleasure that I can’t help but have an orgasm. My whole is trembling as my heart rate slowly starts to return to normal. Taking a large sip of my wine, I am now thinking that tomorrow should be an interesting day at work, to say the least.

Katie Xxx