It’s been a few hours and David hasn’t said a word. I have done my best to ignore him and just get on with it but when I can’t stop thinking about him naked, it is very hard to concentrate.

“Hey, I’m hungry. I’m going to grab some lunch, would you like to join me?” His question completely throws me off guard, and I simply look at him with a stunned expression on my face. “Should I take your silence as a yes?” David now has a smirk on his face as he takes my jacket off the hook on the back of the door and hands it to me.

“Erm, yeah, I mean yes, that would be nice.” I am in complete shock. I know that this may sound silly of me really but considering it has been radio silence for most of the morning, I don’t understand what could have changed.

“I know a great little tapas place around the corner if you fancy it?” he says while putting on his own coat and scarf.

“Ok.” Ok??? Come on woman, you can do better than that. What is wrong with you? I must sound like a complete idiot.

The walk to the tapas restaurant is in total silence, again. As we reach the restaurant he immediately reaches to open the door for us. Walking into the small, yet cosy restaurant, we are approached by one of the waitresses.

“Table for two?” The waitress is tall, slim, and has gorgeous blonde hair, yet David doesn’t pay her hardly any attention.


“Right this way.” The waitress leads us over to a table and hands us each a menu.

After what seems like forever trapped in an awkward silence, in which I can feel David’s beautiful dark eyes piercing through me. Finally, he speaks and breaks the ice. “So, have you got anything planned for tonight? As he asks me his face now softens with kind of a crooked half smile which takes my breath away. My god, he is gorgeous. Why can’t he be available? Ok, stop it now, Katie. You’re doing it again. I wonder if he knows what kind of an effect he has on me. Surely he knows how good looking he is. He must get this kind of attention all the time.

“Erm, yeah, probably. I live with my sister and knowing her, she will probably want to go out.” Great, well done Katie, you’re rambling. Trying to distract myself from staring at him, I instead focus on the menu.

“That’s nice. Where do you reckon you will go?”

“Probably Anarchy. How about you, have you got anything planned?”

“Oh I don’t know, I haven’t planned that far ahead yet.”

“Oh ok. Oh, by the way, I never got to ask, how was your trip?” Perfect, a subject change. Hopefully, he won’t ask any more questions about my plans for tonight. “Was it business, or …?”

“Oh that, no that was a stag thing for a friend. Carol and I are friends with the bride and groom. He did his thing this week, now the women are off to do whatever it is they have planned.” Great, that’s I needed, a reminder of his beautiful and intelligent wife, who just happens to also be my boss.

Suddenly feeling rather awkward about perving over my incredibly sexy boss, I do my best to stay calm and stop picturing him on top of me. David and I do our best to keep the conversation going over the rest of lunch but to be honest, there were many awkward minutes of silence. His gaze is very intense like he is giving you 100% of his attention. Even with the noise and distractions around us, his attention never faltered. This is a feeling I am not quite used to. Don’t get me wrong, I have many conversations with people whose sole attention was given to our conversation but this is far more intense than anything I have ever experienced. David seems very calm, collected, and in constant control of himself and his surroundings. His whole demeanour seemed really stiff and possibly even staged. Not that I would ever complain about his company, it was still very much enjoyable, just rather serious, that’s all.

Walking back to the office I am a little disappointed. The food was great and the company wasn’t bad. I just felt like it was a missed opportunity. As hard as I tried to get the conversation going, we really did only stick to small talk. Maybe I can try another time but I don’t think he is going to be the type who will open up easily.

Katie Xxx