We arrived at Anarchy by around 10:30 pm, all dressed up to the nines and ready for a good time. On arrival at the club, we managed to walk straight in without queueing. One of the perks of April and Amelia coming here fairly regular, they know all the right people. We checked in our coats and made our way down the brightly lit stairway. I couldn’t help but think to myself how the stairs would potentially be a nightmare to get back up when completely drunk. I would say that I should know this by now but leaving the club is not a part of the night that I usually pay attention to. As we walked into the main area of the club I couldn’t help but feel relaxed, like an instant wave of relief washed over me. The first port of call was, of course, the bar, we each ordered ourselves a cocktail and a couple of shots of tequila to get the night started. After all, pre-drinks at home don’t count, right?

After grabbing our first round of drinks at the bar, we wandered over to the VIP area, luckily one of Amelia’s friends was the bouncer that night, so he let us through into our own booth. Once we were seated, a bartender came through with a complimentary bottle of champagne and three glasses. Another perk, I guess.

“Perfect, just what we need.” With a broad smile on her face, April grabbed two glasses of champagne and handed one each to myself and Amelia. “We are celebrating tonight, ladies. I have some good news.” April said, pausing for effect.

“Well come on then, don’t keep us guessing,” I said while putting my cocktail to one side.

“Well, remember a couple of weeks ago, I had that interview that I thought I was never going to get in a million years. They called today. I got the job!”

“Aww, that’s great, April. Congratulations!” We all raised our glasses and made a toast to April’s new job.

For the next hour, we were chatting away and even got up a couple of times to dance, plus do a few more shots. April told us all about her new job working for a local fashion designer and how she will be her personal assistant. Of course, the job will be a little rough but luckily the woman she will be working for is absolutely fabulous, at least that’s how April described her. Since April is to start her new job on Monday morning, the three of us have decided that we will use tonight to celebrate her new job in style and all meet up on Monday morning at a coffee shop in town before she starts her first shift.

After some more dancing, the girls and I collapsed back into the VIP booth and took another sip of our drinks. Just as we began chatting again, the yummy bartender came in again, putting yet another bottle of champagne on the table. Feeling a little confused as I don’t remember any of us ordering the bottle, I asked the bartender who ordered it.

“The gentleman at the bar did, Miss.” The yummy bartender gestured over to the crowded bar but I couldn’t quite see who he was pointing to. Then all of a sudden, the crowd parted a little, just enough for me to see exactly who he was pointing to. There he was, Mr sex on legs himself. As he leant against bar his eyes were fixed on me with a smouldering stare. I tried to look away but I couldn’t help myself. His gaze was so serious but I could see something in his eyes that I hadn’t seen since that first day on the train, lust.

“Who is he? He is gorgeous!” April raised a glass in thanks to him, with absolutely no idea who he was, she was just impressed by his kind gesture. “Do you know him, Amelia?”

“No, never seen him before. How about you, Katie?” Both girls were now looking at me, waiting eagerly for my answer.

“Erm, yeah. You could say that. He is my boss.”

“Oh my god, he is gorgeous, Katie. You should invite him over.”

As I looked back over to the bar, I couldn’t help but admire his boldness. A gorgeous man like him would no doubt have so much confidence. He clearly knew what he was doing. As tempted as I wanted to invite him over, I just knew that it would be a bad idea. I am already pretty drunk and every time I see him, I just want to grab him and kiss him, not to mention the other things I would love to do to him. I must keep reminding myself that he is married and I can’t go there. Shifting my weight in my seat and feeling rather awkward, I take a huge sip of the champagne and try to clear my thoughts. In my mind, I repeat to myself that I must not invite him over and that it is a bad idea. Just as I start to calm, April interrupts my train of thought.

“Never mind, looks like you don’t need to invite him, he is coming over now.” I could tell that April was now rather excited by David coming over to the table to say hi, as she gently nudged me in the ribs to get my attention.

Trying to keep calm, I took another sip of my champagne and attempted to focus my attention on talking to April and Amelia. I didn’t want anyone to notice my getting flustered.

“Evening ladies, are we having a fun night?”

Oh god, he is here. Panic is setting in, what am I supposed to say…

Katie Xxx