There he was, standing a mere two feet from me, wearing black jeans and dark coloured shirt, definitely mastering the dark, smouldering look. I could feel my heart rate quicken as he leant over, resting his hand on the back of my seat as he whispered in my ear.
“Funny running into you here.” His voice was soft, smooth, and the feeling of his breath on my neck only added to my heart quickening as the shivers ran up my spine.

Trying to play it calm, I simply turned to him and gave him a little smirk. “You knew I would be here, I told you earlier.”

“Well, you got me there.” He said while smiling as he took a seat next to me. “You don’t mind if I join you, do you, ladies?”

Before I could answer, April jumped in. “Of course not, you’re more than welcome.” April jabbed me a little in the ribs again as I gave her an evil look.

“Actually, I’m sorry but it’s girls night out. Surely you understand.” keeping my cool, I am firm with him and he can tell that I mean what I say.

“Sorry to disturb you ladies, I will make my way back to the bar. Enjoy your evening.” David smiled warmly, stood up and leant in again. “Katie, if you change your mind, you know where I am.” With that, David gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek and made his way to the bar.

His lips were so soft, my senses have gone into overdrive. That man drives me crazy. One minute his flirting, then he is cold with me, then just neutral. Then the whole bloody cycle starts over again. Trying to ignore him, I return to my conversation with April and Amelia. Of course, they thought I was crazy to send him away but I reminded them about the biggest issue of all, he is married. Not only that, his wife just happens to be the woman who hired me. We decided to have another round of shots and have a little dance. Leaving the VIP area and heading to the main dance floor, I couldn’t help but notice how David’s eyes were fixed on me the whole time, watching my every move. As much as I tried to ignore him, my lust for him continued to grow. Feeling rather intoxicated, I told April and Amelia that I needed a little fresh air. Heading toward the exit, I lost sight of David.

I decided to stay close to the club and headed straight for the smoking area, not that I smoke, but I figured that would be the safest option. As I stood outside, now shivering, from the drastic temperature change, I was beginning to wish that I had thought ahead a little and actually remembered to grab my coat from the coat check girl. Suddenly, I was taken by surprise by someone putting their jacket over my shoulders. Spinning around to see who it was, I found myself face to face with David.

“Are you ok?” He seemed genuinely concerned for me as he pulled his jacket tighter around me.

“What are you doing?” My tone was probably a little more aggressive than it needed to be, especially considering he was doing something nice for me.

“I don’t understand. I’m just trying to help. You know, you really shouldn’t be out here without a coat on.” David was talking to me in a serious tone which also came across as a little condescending.

That was it, I was intoxicated and now I am angry. I couldn’t hold it back any longer and I snapped at him. “David, you are driving me crazy. One minute you are flirting with me, the next you are cold, then you pretend like nothing has even happened. What is your problem? Seriously, I want to know.” I was barely able to stand and the tequila had well and truly gone to my head.

“Not now, Katie, not here. Not while you are this drunk.”

“No, I’m not that drunk. We will talk about this right now.” Now raising my voice, I was starting to get even angrier.

“Katie, I have been waiting to speak to you since that day I first saw you on the train, I think you can wait a little longer.”

I’m sorry, what did he just say. Everything suddenly went very serious between us and I am now feeling very sober. I think I am in shock. With a dropped jaw I simply stare at him with a confused expression on my face. “But I thought…”I had given up hope on him remembering me and figured he was just flirting now and again with the new girl at work.

“Well, then I guess you thought wrong.” There was a moment of silence as we both as we just stared at each other, each trying to suss what the other was thinking.

Then it dawned me, there was a bigger question I should have been asking. I had so many questions, I am sure he realised this already. Finally, I plucked up the courage to ask him. “But what about…?” David interrupted me before I could finish asking the most important question of them all.

“This isn’t the right time or place but there is a lot that you should probably know. I know you have no reason to trust me yet but that is what I am asking of you. I need a more time before we can talk about this. Can you give me that?”

I needed a moment to think. Can I trust this man? I hardly know him, yet there is a passion building for him within me. With hesitation in my voice, I simply reply yes. Resting his hands on my shoulders, he makes it clear that he is grateful for my response.

My heart started to quicken again and I could barely catch my breath. Looking deep into David’s flawless deep brown eyes, I feel butterflies. As David moves closer to me again, I feel as though I am hypnotised, being drawn in by some kind of impenetrable spell. I look down to break my eye contact with him but he raises his right hand to my chin and lifts my face to meet his. He then caresses my bottom lip with the tip of his thumb as the tips of his fingers gently rest on my neck. I hold my breath with anticipation as he uses his left hand to pull me in even closer by my waist. With his lips merely inches from mine, I struggle to keep composed. David then runs his right hand through my hair until he is cupping the back of my neck. Every little hair on the back of my neck stands to attention as I feel the weight of my body turning my legs to jelly. I can’t take much more, I want this man. I know this and he knows this. I am just about to speak when David catches me off guard with a soft, yet firm kiss. As his lips touch mine, my thoughts begin to run wild. Gently pushing me against the wall he raises his left to steady himself against the wall as he begins to kiss me with a whole new level of passion that I have never felt before. Wrapping my arms around him as I run my hands down his back, I pull him closer to me.

Things were beginning to get rather hot and steamy, that was until April and Amelia came bursting out of the club in a fit of giggles. David suddenly pulled away from me and began to compose himself. Feeling like I should probably do the same, I adjust my hair and straightened my clothes. April and Amelia could obviously tell that they had interrupted something and apologised immediately.

“We were thinking of heading home, we’ll probably finish the night with a few drinks back at ours if you’re up for it. Did you wanna jump in the cab with us, or are you staying?” April was smirking as she gestured toward David.

“It’s ok. You should go with the girls, finish your girls night.” David leant in and gave me another kiss on the cheek and flashed a cheeky half-smile. “I’ll see you on Monday.”

Feeling a little disappointed but not wanting to press my luck, I got into the cab with April and Amelia and watched as David faded into the distance as the cab pulled away.

Katie Xxx