Finally, it’s Monday morning and it couldn’t have come quick enough. I don’t even mind that I am awake this early, it’s not like me to be up and ready by 6:30 in the morning. Yesterday was absolute torture. If it wasn’t bad enough waking up with an awful hangover but I spent what felt like forever having a nice cold shower and reflecting over the previous night, followed by a cup of coffee and about a gallon of water. I remembered arriving home from ‘Anarchy’ rather late, April didn’t waste any time about grilling me on the night’s events. She wanted to know every detail of what happened outside the club. I simply told her that such information would cost a glass of wine, which of course she agreed. We sat on the sofas in the living room and gossiped about the night into the very early hours of the morning. Of course, I blamed the wine for my hangover, not that it could possibly have been the several glasses of champagne or the tequila shot. The rest of yesterday ended up being a quiet day at home watching movies and catching up with Peter. I did try my best to put David out of my mind but it was impossible.Despite my best efforts to keep myself distracted, I couldn’t help but spend my evening wondering what today will be like at work,  I hope things won’t be awkward between David and me.
Finishing my makeup, I check my reflection in the full-length mirror and head to April’s room. Just as I reached her door, she came beaming out of her room dressed immaculately in a new suit.
“All ready for your first day at work I see.” April looked very smart and absolutely stunning.
“Of course. I just text Amelia, I said we would meet her at the coffee shop in twenty minutes.” April grabbed her bag and started to lock up for us to leave.
When we arrived at the coffee shop in town, Amelia was already there waiting for us. We all grabbed our coffees and snagged a table by the window. Despite being in deep conversation about what each of us did the rest of the weekend, we still liked to people watch. Amelia and April can sometimes be rather critical about the appearances of other people as they would walk by. Usually, I would just laugh and think that they were being a tad mean but every once in a while, someone would walk past in such a tragic choice of clothing that even I would wonder if they owned a mirror. After about an hour of chatting, the girls and I started getting ready to separate to go to our various places of work. Wishing April good luck on her first day, I gave her a big hug and told her I would see her at home later. 
Walking into work, immediately I saw that John wasn’t working today, meaning the shared desk was open for me to use. I really wasn’t sure if I should sit at my usual desk or go through to the office and sit at Carol’s desk instead. I decided that the best thing I could do would be to just say hello to David and try to figure it out from there. Walking toward the office I could feel butterflies building inside me again. Tapping on the office door, I simply leant through, said hi and offered David a cup of coffee.
“Goodmorning, Katie. How are you this morning, did you have a nice day off?” His questions may have been friendly but his tone was cold and dismissive.
“Yes, it was good thanks, I guess. Very quiet.” Trying to get a little emotion or even a reaction out of him was like trying to get blood out of a stone. “How about yourself, did you have a nice day off?”
“I don’t really have a day off, I had my other business to attend to.” Looking down to shuffle some paperwork around, David simply dismissed taking to me, which I found rather strange. “Oh, I need to make a call, when you go to your desk, would you mind closing the door behind you?” Feeling rather deflated, I simply turned away, closed the door and headed over to the coat rack. I guess that solves that mystery. 
I hung up my coat, said hi to Amy and set myself up for the day at my desk. Spending most of the morning answer calls and booking viewings for Amy, I also managed to catch up on the rather large to do list that Carol left for me. It was about mid-afternoon when I couldn’t hold out any longer, so I headed to the staff room to grab myself another coffee. As I stood there waiting for the little machine to finish pouring my coffee, David burst into the staff room and promptly closed the door behind him. To my surprise, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward him to kiss me passionately.
“I’m sorry about before.” He said while cupping my face in his hands. “I just can’t raise any suspicions, or show any favouritism. Surely you can understand.” The truth was, I could understand completely. This was just some fun. I wasn’t in anyway up for complicating my life.
“Of course, it’s fine. Trust me, I wouldn’t want us to get caught and ruin your marriage.” Giving David a little smirk, I leant in and kissed him.
“It’s not like that.” He said with a sigh in his voice. “Things are just complicated.”
Pulling me back in for another kiss, David slid his hand up my shirt and began to caress my nipple. Things were just starting to get interesting when we heard a noise outside the staff room. Quickly composing myself, I had just managed to get back to the coffee machine in time before Amy walked into the room. Grabbing my coffee, I gave her a warm smile and made my way back to my desk.
The rest of my day was spent trying not to look at David. Anytime I saw him in the corner of my eye, I would blush from all the thoughts that were running through my head. I would imagine having sex with him on my desk, on his desk, with him on top, with me on top. Pretty much anyway that took our fancy. I must admit, I was kind of relieved when it was time to go home. The frustration alone was getting really hard to bear.
The journey home on the train was rather uneventful, at least to begin with. Staring out of the window watching the world fly by, I was in deep thought when my phone beeped. It was David. A wave of excitement washed over me as I opened his message.
‘Hey, Katie. I know today was a little strange, you have to promise to let me make it up to you. David.’
I didn’t want to seem too eager, so I decided that I will wait until I get home to reply. The rest of journey went by much more pleasantly. Imagining all the different ways that David could ‘make it up to me’. I was in deep thought when I got off the train, which was fast shattered when I bumped into Vincent.
“Vincent, what are you doing here?” Vincent looked like a desperate man, he clearly hadn’t been sleeping well.
“You haven’t been answering my calls. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”
“I’m fine” Trying to dismiss him, I simply try to walk past him and head for the taxi rank.
“Come on, Katie. Why aren’t you talking to me? I know I dropped a bombshell on you but we need to talk about this. Come to my car, let me take you for a coffee.”
Stopping dead in my tracks, I turned to face Vincent. “Ok, just a quick coffee, then I want you to take me straight home.”If I’m completely honest, I had completely forgotten about getting back in touch with him, this last week I have been so preoccupied with the thought of David. This only made me feel more guilty.
Vincent walked over to me and gave me a warm smile before we made our way to the coffee shop. I know he is going to ask me how I feel about him but I have no idea how to let him down gently. I know nothing has happened with David and I don’t really have anything to feel too guilty about but I am still not ready for a relationship with anyone. All I need to do now is just figure out what I will say. Why does he have to be so charming and gorgeous?
Katie Xxx