It was 7 am on the dot and April and I had just arrived at the coffee shop in town, for what is now looking like a new morning ritual. Amelia was running a little late today, so we ordered her coffee for her and sat at the same table we sat at yesterday. Just as our coffees were brought over to us, Amelia came rushing through the door carrying a small overnight bag.

“Hey ladies, sorry I’m late.” Amelia gave both April and I a hug and popped her bag by her chair as she sat down.

“What’s with the bag?” I asked, already having guessed her answer.

“Oh, I am staying at the boyfriend’s place later.” She said with a coy smile.

“Are things finally getting a little more serious?” Amelia has been dating Adam for a couple of months but until now, he always stayed at her place. He always seemed very cagey about actually allowing Amelia to go back to his place with him, which immediately made us think he was hiding something. I could tell that Amelia was now both anxious and excited because she now finally had her chance to get the answers she had been looking for.

“I don’t know if I would say things are getting serious but at least things are finally moving forward. I’ll let you both know how it goes, tomorrow.” She said with a tone of nervousness in her voice. “Anyway, enough about me, April tells me you saw Vincent last night. How did it go?

As I sat drinking my coffee and eating a chocolate chip muffin, I explained to them all about the little trip to the coffee shop and how I did my best to let Vincent down gently. April and Amelia went on to chat about April’s new job as I sat stirring my coffee. I tried to listen to them and join in on the conversation but I couldn’t get to get my coffee with Vincent out of my mind.

It really was awful. He did his best to hide it but I could tell that he was disappointed. Despite everything, I do care about him in my own way and it was never my intention to hurt him. I’m just not looking for any kind of commitment right now. If only he could have left things the way they were, I was very much enjoying our no commitment fun. In fact, it was my favourite part of the week. Vincent tried to play things cool as he casually ordered another round of coffees and then went on to change the subject. When the subject of my work came up, I tried my best to not blush. Thoughts of my kiss with David only a few hours before started flooding through my mind. Trying to banish such thoughts from my head, it was my turn for a subject change and I did something I had never done before, I asked Vincent about his own life. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not heartless, I just always liked to keep my relationship with him as simple as possible. That’s why I have the rules. If you don’t invest too much time getting to know your F.I.L.T.H, then you won’t be hurt when the relationship ultimately ends and you both move on. Given that our sex only relationship had now finished, I didn’t see any harm in now building an actual friendship with him.

Vincent and I were probably in the coffee shop for a couple of hours, in the end. We talked about many areas of both of our lives and it was nice. I was actually surprised to learn that Vincent is rather an interesting person. Before today it was all wham bam thank you, ma’am but now I can actually see that he is a really nice guy. Even though he is only a couple of years older than me, he runs a rather successful business in the building industry. He has his own company and a crew of guys who work for him on various development contracts throughout the country. Aside from work, it also turns out that he has a few interesting hobbies. He loves to go rock climbing, camping, sailing, and he even loves painting.

After a little while longer chatting, It was starting to get late, so Vincent got up from the table and went to pay the bill. Whilst he was at the counter, I decided to check my phone. I had a couple more messages from David. When Vincent came back, he invited me to go out for a meal but I decided to make my excuses and go home. The first thing I did when I got in, was to get comfy on my bed and check the messages on my phone.

‘Katie, hope you have a nice evening, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. David.’

This was immediately followed by yet another message.

‘P.S You looked especially beautiful today. Once again I am left wanting more, as I eagerly await the further touch of your lips. David.’

If I am completely honest, I had no idea what to reply to him. Possibly embarking on an affair with a married man is not something I have ever done before. Not that we will likely ever meet up, oh I don’t know. It’s one thing to be flirting with the idea and the odd kiss here and there, which I know is still wrong but it’s a whole other level to actually meet up and start sleeping together.

“Katie, earth to Katie…” I was daydreaming again. “Are you ok?” April put her arm around my shoulder as she reached over to steal a small piece of the chocolate chip muffin.

“Sorry, I was just thinking about last night again.” Taking a sip of my now cold coffee, I check the time on my phone. I can’t believe it’s almost 8 am already. It’s almost time for me to start heading to work.

“Well, I had best to off. I have a guy coming in for the rest of his sleeve finishing. It’s probably going to be a long day.” Picking her bag up as she rushes to finish the last sip of her coffee, Amelia blows April and me a kiss as she heads for the door.

“Right, I had best be off too, hun. I don’t want to be late.” As April puts her coat on to leave, I head to the counter and grab myself another coffee but this time I order it to go. And with that, I am alone. Walking to the office, I am feeling rather excited. I haven’t decided yet if I will allow an affair to happen with my David but I can say one thing for sure, it definitely is tempting.

Katie Xxx