It has been two days since I have seen or spoken to Vincent. Now that the dynamics of our non-relationship have changed, I have no clue how this is meant to work. I have spent the last couple of days with April and Amelia, discussing the very now possibility of my embarking on an affair with my very married boss. I even tried to get a males perspective while out for a meal with Parker but unfortunately, he was not much use in this situation. What clouded my judgement even more over the last few days was that David has definitely made his intentions known. I can’t say I haven’t been flirting back because I have. In fact, the thought of taking things further with him excites me to my very core. I haven’t actually told April this part yet but David has invited me to join him overnight at a hotel in the city. It’s one thing going along with a fantasy but it is another thing to actually go through with it. He insisted that I think about and let him know my answer when I get to work today. That’s why I grabbed my coffee to go this morning, I decided to skip the morning chat with the girls and head straight to work.

Walking into the office I could already feel myself starting to blush. John was at the shared desk, so I hung up my coat and made my way into David’s office.

“Morning.” Giving David a cheeky smile, I simply take my seat at Carol’s desk and pull out the never ending list of things to do. Despite Carol being away for a few more days, she still managed to find the time to send me an email adding more to my ‘to do’ list.

“Well?” Leaning back in his chair, David took at long look at me in anticipation for my answer.

“I haven’t decided yet.” I’d like to think I was playing it cool but the truth was, I was still a little nervous of the possible consequences of saying yes.

“Well, you had best let me know by the end of the day.” He said in a cheeky but playful tone.

“Oh yeah, why’s that?”

“Because I have booked us a room for tonight. That’s if you want this, of course.”

Biting my bottom lip as I looked away, I could feel the tension building in the air so I made my excuses to leave the room and go get another cup of coffee. As the next few hours passed by, it felt like torture. Every time he got close to me, I just wanted to scream yes, take me to the hotel. Once the end of the working day finally came, I started to pack my things together. Just as I was about to approach David, his phone rang. Leaving the office to take the call, I finished packing my bag and grabbed my coat. Just then, David dashed back into the office and grabbed his own coat in a haste.

“I know you haven’t given me your answer yet but I have to run, something has come up.”

“Oh, ok.” A wave of disappointment washes over me and I instantly realise that I wish I had said yes.” Just as I started planning something else for tonight in my head, he stops what he is doing and turns to me.

“Have some more time to think, Katie. I will be outside yours at 8 pm tonight. If your answer is yes, then that’s great. If not, then it’s not a problem, I completely understand. You’re not working tomorrow, it is your turn to have Saturday off this week, so if you do decide that your answer is no, then I will see you Monday.” David leant in a kissed me on the cheek but before I could say anything back, he flashed me a smile before dashing out of the office.

I spent the journey home feeling completely confused. Do I, don’t I? It was all I could think about. On arriving home, I was relieved to see April was already there and called for an emergency ‘girly chat’. I finally revealed all about his proposal for a night in a hotel and April immediately gave her approval. In fact, her only questions were about what I would wear for the night. The more excited April seemed to be for me, the more excited I also got. We drank a few glasses of wine and raided my wardrobe.

“So, where is he taking you?” April said while pulling out half of my wardrobe and throwing the contents onto my bed.

“I’m not too sure, all I know is that he mentioned us going to a hotel in the city.”

“I wonder if he is taking you to dinner also. Not knowing these things is going to make it rather difficult for me to help you choose something to wear.”

“Oh, it’s useless.” Pulling more clothes out of the wardrobe, I feel like giving up.

“Oh wow, this is gorgeous, why don’t you wear this?” April had pulled out a very simple but beautiful black dress. “Why don’t you wear this with heels but carry a pair of flats in your bag. The dress works great with both.”

I loved it. It was absolutely perfect. Finishing my glass of wine, I set my clothes out ready and packed my bag. Unfortunately, since it was a tiny handbag, there wasn’t much room in there to pack a proper overnight bag but I had done this before, I was no fool. I knew that this kind of meeting would not be one where I would be expected to bring an actual overnight bag, so I knew how to pack light. I used to zipper compartments to conceal the essentials, clean underwear, toothbrush, mini toothpaste, some eye makeup, and a mini deodorant. All that was left to do, was have a shower and get dressed.

Upon getting ready, I decided to have one last glass of wine, a little something to help with the nerves. That was when I noticed the time. It was five minutes to 8. I decided to put my coat and bag by the door, then say goodnight to April. Just as I put my empty wine glass in the kitchen, I heard my phone beep. I didn’t even need to check my phone to know what the message said. Peering out of the window, I saw a limo parked out front, there was no way that this was a coincidence. With a last minute check in the mirror and a cheeky spritz of my perfume, I put my coat on and grabbed my bag. Making my way out to the limo I am now feeling more nervous than ever. I have no idea what to expect when we get to where we are going but I know I can’t wait to find out.

Katie Xxx